Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hello Gorgeous

That's really her name. 

She's the showgirl for  the Decoupatch Place in Witney, Oxfordshire.  Permission was kindly granted for me to snap her and her fabulous feathery batting lashes at the Artisan Show.   Gorgeous has a brother in blue who lives outside the shop with a small elephant, and I understand that there are plans for more fantastical creatures to follow. 


  1. She's been out and about lately - I saw her at Alexandra Palace last weekend - and she is totally gorgeous!

  2. Hi , am just loving Gorgeous !!! Good luck with your new venture-- sounds exciting
    Anne xxx

  3. Cooo she is sweet. I need to pop back and have a read up on your blog.

    Thanks for your comment on mine btw - the graphic tablet is easy to use when you get used to it - I found the buttons a bit of a challenge at first .... but am away now....although Toodles is far better than me


    (Toodles and Binks)