Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bubbling with ideas

So this is part of my new stash of books; I have really enjoyed perusing eBay's echoing corridors in search of inspiring tomes to help refine my skills.  Trouble is that I now need to find somewhere to keep them all; my workroom is already full of bookshelves, and the resident books are resistent to any eviction notices that I try to give them. 

The other problem with a delectation of new books is that I now have far too many ideas, and need to be practical in working on a sensible number at any one time.  It is easy to be disciplined on some things.  Papier mache is taking about 4 days to dry out here at the moment, so in order to have items to decorate, I need batches on the go throughout the week.  (My least-favourite sensation this week - damp sticky newsprint between the fingers.  Ok, not so horrendous really, but still less than pleasurable.  Nice papier mache blanks to play with, on the other hand, are well worth it.) 

I've also been disciplined in building a stash of handmade scraps to use for decoupage.  These come from various sources (copyright free of course) and stamps (from angel companies), plus some that have been drawn by my lovely and talented mum.   I tested a few out on my own organiser, and I'm loving all things to do with time and travel at the moment.  I'm also loving my new Promarkers, which shade beautifully.

As far as building the business is concerned, I have been shopping.  Well, not in the sense I would usually shop, but in buying furniture to repaint, upcycle, repurpose and generally breathe new life into.  I won't know for a while if I've made the right decisions with what I have bought, but I have a checklist that I am working with for now:

  • Does the piece have "good bones"?  Do I like the shape and design, and could I see it working in someone's home?
  • Does it require work that I can achieve myself?  I can add new handles and do minor repairs, but proper woodworking skills are beyond me at this stage.
  • Will it fit into my car (now nicknamed "Fetch")?  Delivery can add a fairly hefty supplement to the cost of a piece, so at this stage, I'd like people to have the opportunity to collect.  We live in a large city with access to a much bigger conurbation, so this should expand my local market.
I'm applying similar criteria (good bones) to items like vases, bowls and boxes that I am using for decoupage.  This week I think I have been very lucky with my finds, and I will be posting some pictures to see what you think.  Treasure, me hearties.....(exits with swagger)...

Friday, 24 September 2010

Welcome to One Of A Kind

Welcome to this new blog which I've set up to record my journey to what I hope will be a new career.  Having spent more years than I'd like to recall working as a civil servant and for charities, I'm in the process of setting up a new craft business.  I want this blog to record the steps along the way.   Plus I'd like to share ideas with other crafters and those setting up their own business, whether creative or not.  I've been finding lots of inspiration on other people's blogs, and it's time to pay it back or even forward.

I am working on upcycling old furniture and making new, hand stamped, papier mached and decoupaged items.  I'll post projects as they come together, hopefully remembering to take some before photos as well as the afters. 

Do drop by and say hello.

* How were your first post nerves?  I assume this blogging thing gets easier...