Saturday, 18 December 2010

Since we've no place to go...

...let it snow!  We've had much more than was forecast here.  A poor stranded motorist who had to abandon her car last night has just called by to borrow something to dig herself out.  As she lurched up our garden path, I noticed that the snow was well above her ankles.  Hopefully she'll manage to be on her way soon.

This is the view out of the bathroom window.  The snow is making really pretty patterns in the broom, and if you look upwards and left, you'd swear we were in the Alps.  Time for a little mulled wine?

And out the front, the holly tree is absolutely caked in snow - I can't even see the berries now.

And despite the weather, Mrs Prickles has produced her hog.  Baba Prickles slipped from the crochet hook after a very short labour of about an hour.  And very cute he is too.

Overnight, the Chief Elf has been kept very busy responding to email from both Goddaughter E and the two elves (apparently Della operates the keyboard while Bert zooms around with the mouse).  I hear that there were lots of star jumps and plenty of dancing outside last night, which has resulted in a significant snowfall today.  A little snowflake light (battery candle) was left outside overnight, in order that Santa could check his SPS (Santa Positioning System) ready for Christmas Eve night, when he will pick up the elves, ready for their Big Night at work.  Snow permitting, we are off to see them on Monday, when I hope to slip a little package or two to ElfMum to see them through the last week of Elf school.  I have space rations, a book of space poems and a little party pack for graduation day to deliver.  And, no doubt, plenty of elf mischief to hear about...

Friday, 17 December 2010

A Knight of the Round Table and Mrs Prickles

At home today, I have taken advantage of being the only one in by laying the Christmas presents out to check which ones are still missing, presumed delayed by snow.  The tally of slow deliveries is mercifully small, comprising two Christmas presents for my mum, which can wait if necessary, and the Goddaughter's birthday present, which can't wait.  So Plan B may involve a visit to a Toy Emporium or two.  I shall gird my loins stoutly in preparation.

Having started on a travel journal, I have been playing with my Promarkers while waiting for bits to dry.  I found a lovely illustration of Lancelot and Guinevere.  Just need to work out what to do with it now.

And from the talented and speedy crochet hooks of my mum, meet Mrs Prickles...

I think I may have problems letting her go; she is so gorgeous.  And that eyelash wool for her spikes is lovely and soft.  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but she is with hog, and there will soon be a Baba Prickles to go alongside her.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Chief Elf speaks on matters vulcan, snoring, and dinosaurs.

Now that Goddaughter E has started corresponding with the Chief Elf, there's no stopping her!  Over the past couple of days she and Aragorn (Chief Elf) have touched on matters as diverse as the warmth of igloos, potential elf homesickness, and the need for volcanoes in the House with the Big Climbing Frame.

Tonight Aragorn really had to rack his brains to come up with a suitable reply:

Well done on finding that dinosaur.  I hope he is happy to be free from his volcano.  I am very impressed that the volcano has grown.  You must be feeding it well.  

If you hear a little chuffing sort of noise at night, that will be an elf snore.  You might also see the lid of the igloo moving up and down a bit with very big snores if they are particularly tired and in a very deep sleep.  Of course, they are trying to get plenty of sleep before Christmas Eve, when they will be up all night.  

Yes, the volcano has finally given birth to a dinosaur.  Sadly, she hasn't sent me a picture, but I hope that the Jurassic one has been a welcome addition to the household.  

Young E was very impressed that elves can snore.  I hope she won't be up too late tonight checking this out.  

Time to hang up my pointy ears for the night.

[For those of you uttering "Que?" in the matter of Manuel from Fawlty Towers, we have sent our Godchildren a pair of elves who are attending Elf School at the House with the Big Climbing Frame.  So far the elves have had plenty of lessons, conducted a reasonable amount of mischief, and eaten copious amounts of chocolate.  Not a bad life, eh?]

The One In Which The Chief Elf Corresponds With A Goddaughter

I heard yesterday via ElfMum that Goddaughter E was rather worried because the Chief Elf had not responded to her email.  After having logged into the Chief Elf's email addy each night for a number of days, I think I'd come to the conclusion that ElfMail was a step too far, and that the Chief Elf wouldn't be getting any mail.  Blushing to the tips of my elven ears, I quickly logged on to find...nothing.  Not even in spam.  So what else could a Chief Elf do but apologise.

Chief Elf wrote immediately, saying that he was so sorry and needed to be put on the naughty step.  But because he is so very old, if he gets on the naughty step now, he will need to stay there until after Christmas.  As he still has lots of Christmas jobs to do, please could he postpone the naughty step until the New Year?  And what did Goddaughter E want to ask him?

The lovely E responded, offering to send him back the naughty step which had arrived with Della and Bert (as they hadn't needed it much recently...I can only conclude that it had seen some action in the early days).  She had questions regarding the temperature inside igloos and the warmth of elves.  I am pleased to see that elfare was high on her list (sorry!).  The Chief Elf was appropriately reassuring (and accurate too, just in case!), also pointing out that elf skin is furrier that that of humans, which helps.

E wrote again this morning.  The volcano has arrived, but she isn't sure how it will help Della and Bert.  The Chief Elf has pointed out that they can see a volcano from their home igloo, and that this will remind them of home.  Hopefully it will be ignited tonight, and I can get a picture of it smoking before the dinosaur emerges from its belly.

I understand that Della and Bert had a long nap yesterday in the Godchildren's beds.  Now that they are nicely topped up with sleep, I can only imagine what mischief might be perpetrated, especially with an active volcano in the house.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW: Ephemera and Baby Wear

"It's the most curious time of the week..."

It's the day when crafters go blog hopping amongst the desks of others, hoping to see something novel, inspiring, or simply more messy than their own desk.  For more details, see Fair Julia's blog over at Stamping Ground.  

And on my own desk, a lovely bundle of ephemera.  I don't know if it's something to do with more snow on the way, but I have an urge to make travel journals, and this pile of ephemera has tickets aplenty.

And whilst not exactly on my own desk, I thought I should share what my lovely mum has been working on.  Inspired by successfully transforming Grumpy the dwarf into dashing Della the beautiful elf for the Godchildren's Elf School (see various posts passim if this is new to you), she's picked up the crochet hooks.  So far she's made some lovely baby hats (primrose and bluebell shown above) and she's starting on a pattern for a gorgeous hedgehog in autumnal eyelash wool.

Happy WOYWW, and may your desks be full of what pleases you.