Saturday, 18 December 2010

Since we've no place to go...

...let it snow!  We've had much more than was forecast here.  A poor stranded motorist who had to abandon her car last night has just called by to borrow something to dig herself out.  As she lurched up our garden path, I noticed that the snow was well above her ankles.  Hopefully she'll manage to be on her way soon.

This is the view out of the bathroom window.  The snow is making really pretty patterns in the broom, and if you look upwards and left, you'd swear we were in the Alps.  Time for a little mulled wine?

And out the front, the holly tree is absolutely caked in snow - I can't even see the berries now.

And despite the weather, Mrs Prickles has produced her hog.  Baba Prickles slipped from the crochet hook after a very short labour of about an hour.  And very cute he is too.

Overnight, the Chief Elf has been kept very busy responding to email from both Goddaughter E and the two elves (apparently Della operates the keyboard while Bert zooms around with the mouse).  I hear that there were lots of star jumps and plenty of dancing outside last night, which has resulted in a significant snowfall today.  A little snowflake light (battery candle) was left outside overnight, in order that Santa could check his SPS (Santa Positioning System) ready for Christmas Eve night, when he will pick up the elves, ready for their Big Night at work.  Snow permitting, we are off to see them on Monday, when I hope to slip a little package or two to ElfMum to see them through the last week of Elf school.  I have space rations, a book of space poems and a little party pack for graduation day to deliver.  And, no doubt, plenty of elf mischief to hear about...

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  1. Gosh your little hoggy is sweet. Hope he snuggles up to mum and stays nice and warm.
    We have snow too. Were meant to go up to Yorkshire today for the weekend as it is my Grandsons birthdsy party tomorrow but we have had to stay put. They have snow too and the party may have to be cancelled as well.