Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Chief Elf speaks on matters vulcan, snoring, and dinosaurs.

Now that Goddaughter E has started corresponding with the Chief Elf, there's no stopping her!  Over the past couple of days she and Aragorn (Chief Elf) have touched on matters as diverse as the warmth of igloos, potential elf homesickness, and the need for volcanoes in the House with the Big Climbing Frame.

Tonight Aragorn really had to rack his brains to come up with a suitable reply:

Well done on finding that dinosaur.  I hope he is happy to be free from his volcano.  I am very impressed that the volcano has grown.  You must be feeding it well.  

If you hear a little chuffing sort of noise at night, that will be an elf snore.  You might also see the lid of the igloo moving up and down a bit with very big snores if they are particularly tired and in a very deep sleep.  Of course, they are trying to get plenty of sleep before Christmas Eve, when they will be up all night.  

Yes, the volcano has finally given birth to a dinosaur.  Sadly, she hasn't sent me a picture, but I hope that the Jurassic one has been a welcome addition to the household.  

Young E was very impressed that elves can snore.  I hope she won't be up too late tonight checking this out.  

Time to hang up my pointy ears for the night.

[For those of you uttering "Que?" in the matter of Manuel from Fawlty Towers, we have sent our Godchildren a pair of elves who are attending Elf School at the House with the Big Climbing Frame.  So far the elves have had plenty of lessons, conducted a reasonable amount of mischief, and eaten copious amounts of chocolate.  Not a bad life, eh?]

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