Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WOYWW: The Knuckling Down Edition

After a week enjoying the bright lights and many temptations of Edinburgh, it's time to knuckle back down to work, or rather that form of enjoyment that now counts as work!  And it being Wednesday, and more particularly, What's On Your Workspace Wednesday, it's time for show and tell.  If you'd like to blog hop to more crafty desks you'll find them linked via Desk Mistress Julia Dunnit at the button to the left.

So, onto the delights of disorganisation that are my working areas...  First up, the hall cupboard.  This was going to be painted and sold until I discovered its capacious capabilities.  The top row has stamps, ribbons and more stamps; embellies, glue, cutting boards and sundry unknown items are on the second shelf, with tracing and other papers plus books on the third and fourth shelves. 

On top of the cupboard are my new storage tins from Lakeland (a splendid £1.99 for the tall ones and 99p for the small ones in the sale).    To give you an idea of size, the small one takes ten stickles and other assorted sparkly bottles without complaint.  (And yes, for the eagle eyed amongst you, the one that was marked "glitz" has shed a "z" somewhere...)  Much easier to find things now I am no longer awash in seas of chipboard and sundry small iffit. 

Then there's my occupation of a spare kitchen worktop for things messy.  Some of you may have noticed that things haven't moved on a great deal since December, but I promise to address my slothful ways and crack on with making some more decoupaged items. 

 I have another craft fair booked this month (my second - weeeee!), so the trundle drawers will be out again.  Need to have a sort through them first; there's a limit to how much glue even I need for a day out.

This is my big box full of 12x12 papers.  I really need to find somewhere more permanent to store them, but I've not yet found something suitable.  I'll be investigating all the WOYWW desks searching for ideas...

Happy Wednesday to you all - looking forward to seeing what you've been doing this week!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February Journal

I think I've posted an early version of this here before, but I'm adding it again so I can link to the Flickr Group.  For more details of the 2011 Journal Challenge, follow the Kathryn Wheel link on the right sidebar.

Pigment and pearlescent inks, for the background, swirled with paper for texture.  The outside of the heart is made of overlapping square ink blocks.  Hearts hand drawn and edged with drawn patterns.  And an extra big heart for the 13th, it being OH's birthday.  Images from an old fairy tale book, coloured with Promarkers.

Now to think what to do for March!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Playing Cards 2011: Ace of Water

I've been a bit slow in progressing the Playing Cards challenge, hosted by Rachel at katzelbows (see the linky button to the side).  It's been rather frustrating, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but couldn't find a teardrop punch anywhere.  Finally I found one on eBay and, once it arrived, found out it didn't work very well.  So I ended up cutting freehand, which I could have done in the first place.  Doh! 

So here's a detail shot of the Ace of Water:

It's made up of lots of little droplets, made of fabric papers, mirror card and gauze, accented with different colour stickles.  The back needs a bit more work still; I think it might need some paint lines around the edges to look a bit more smeary.  Anyway, that's progress to date.  

Belated Birthday in Edinburgh

You may have noticed that it has been suspiciously quiet in these parts.  OH treated me to a birthday trip to Edinburgh, and we've been sunning ourselves (yes, really) north of the border.  This is the view just south of Carstairs, when it was just about light enough to really enjoy.

Having set off at a scarily early hour, we were able to check in early at the hotel for a quick catnap before hitting the sights of the city. 

That evening saw us safely tucked up in the Cafe Royal bar for Burns night, replete with enormous salmon baguettes and a beer or two for OH. 

Of course, I had to go to the beach, and a wild windy morning found us at Portobello, where we and a few dog walkers were braving the front.  One fine dalmatian had a social circle all of his own, and was pleased to make our acquaintance for further adoration.  As a concession to vice, I spent a massive £2 in the amusement arcade.

Lunch in Always Sunday (what a great name for a cafe) included a smoothie so dense with fruit, it must have included more than the usual two of my five a day, plus a cappucino large enough to conduct swimming lessons and a plate of apple crumble. 

Finally, the hotel sported one of the best signs I have ever seen...