Monday, 31 January 2011

Belated Birthday in Edinburgh

You may have noticed that it has been suspiciously quiet in these parts.  OH treated me to a birthday trip to Edinburgh, and we've been sunning ourselves (yes, really) north of the border.  This is the view just south of Carstairs, when it was just about light enough to really enjoy.

Having set off at a scarily early hour, we were able to check in early at the hotel for a quick catnap before hitting the sights of the city. 

That evening saw us safely tucked up in the Cafe Royal bar for Burns night, replete with enormous salmon baguettes and a beer or two for OH. 

Of course, I had to go to the beach, and a wild windy morning found us at Portobello, where we and a few dog walkers were braving the front.  One fine dalmatian had a social circle all of his own, and was pleased to make our acquaintance for further adoration.  As a concession to vice, I spent a massive £2 in the amusement arcade.

Lunch in Always Sunday (what a great name for a cafe) included a smoothie so dense with fruit, it must have included more than the usual two of my five a day, plus a cappucino large enough to conduct swimming lessons and a plate of apple crumble. 

Finally, the hotel sported one of the best signs I have ever seen...   

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