Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WOYWW: The Pictureless Imagination Edition

Today's desk inspection will have to be virtual.  Mr Lappy is still unwell, and I have not had time to get him fixed.  For any of you asking about desk inspections, welcome to the weekly What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, where we get to look at crafty workspaces.  This week, your challenge here is to close your eyes and imagine:

  • a small stack of card (pearlescent and mirror) in silvers, aqua, deep blues and greens, plus aqua and silver ribbon, and glitter glues in deep blue, turquoise and sea green.  This is the start of the Ace of Water for the Playing Cards 2011 challenge (linky to the left, if you'd like to know more)
  • my beloved Promarkers, now safely stashed in colour group boxes.  So easy to find, so tidy...
  • a small pile of blank ATCs
  • my travel insurance renewal (woo!  more journeys!)
  • my travel journal (time for a bit of inkiness here)
  • a big sign saying "TAX".  Although the nice HMRC man registered me, he hasn't yet sent me any papers, and I'm guessing that I can stop blaming the snow, and need to accept that it's lost in the post.
  • a big while envelope box full of business receipts
  • my enormous work diary
  • a list of craft events I want to attend, and craft fairs where I want to book a stall
  • a stack of notebooks and journals to alter
  • my ink chest, made of a big Sanctuary gift box with 4 drawers: stamp blocks in the top left, distress inks in the top right, pearlescent inks in the middle drawer pigments to the bottom
Now imagine the above, stir vigorously, and that's my desk.

For more crafty desk hopping goodness, call on the Chief Desk Inspector Ms Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground.

And a big thank you to Jude, whose WOYWW blog candy arrived in a very timely way this Wednesday morning.  It contains lots of lovely treasures including ATCs (how did you know I needed them, Jude?), a mini canvas, beautiful brads and charms, cherubs, a lovely golden fact way too much to mention.  Pics later when I can find somewhere to upload them.  Spoilt I am, and thanks so much, Jude, whose blog you'll find here.


  1. I removed the paper relating to HRMC on my desk yesterday - ghastly ghastly stuff, sends shivers down my spine
    Mow I am imagining slighty untidy but organised- am i right?

  2. Oh Tax Man thats rude

    have fab wednesday hugs judex5

  3. Fab desk, and a great way to describe it :))
    Happy Woywwing
    Jennie #2

  4. Loving the virtual desk - can you do virtual crafting too?! Hope your lappy gets fixed soon.

  5. Yeah we don't want to hear the dreaded T Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #10

  6. Hi ya
    fabulous discription of your desk, hope mr lappy is soon better,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (26)

  7. I can certainly picture all of that - especially the promarkers and the tax, need to stop hopping round folks desks and get doing my tax returns ugh
    Debbi #39

  8. Oh how fun, I imagined it very neat and tidy so as to save you time cleaning up! Happy WOYWW!

  9. Fortunately I have a man wot does my tax... he's called a husband!
    Chrissie #75

  10. HAHA! I read it all and then LAUGHED when you said "stir it all"!!! Good luck w/ the T word and the lappy.

  11. Stir vigourously...and you'd pretty much get mine too - I'm so guessing that yours is neatly piled. I am in tax return mode too - or rather, am waiting for this evening so Mr D can 'help' me, by which I mean do some of it!! Great desk Bernie!

  12. Oh ROFL @ stirring vigourously..... now, the question I want to know is...

    Is it the work that's enormous, or the diary?

  13. Closed my eyes and could see it all. Who needs photographs.
    Thanks for your comment today. I feel very honoured to have been able to inspire you.
    Have fun
    sue xx 67

  14. Tax? Wots that then. I give it all to The Doc to sort out. Thats why he gets to have an office and I only get a tweeny craft space to play around in. Loved your virtual office. you can do virtually anything you want in it.
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. You can come off the naughty step now.

  15. That's the second time the tax man has had a mention today which is way too much more than he deserves :) Enjoyed the virtual tour of your desk and congratulations on the candy win - look forward to the pics eventually. Regards, Elizabeth #78

  16. Gosh your desk looks so tidy today.....can you see how my imagination work? :-)
    A x

  17. Your description is so good, I can imagine everything that is there. Hope your computer problems soon get sorted.

  18. Hope your lappy gets fixed soon, but a good virtual tour non the less.
    I'd love to know each bird by there call but i'm pretty new to the birdy scene, gonna have a job making out which tit is which lol
    Thanks for visiting me today
    Happy WOYWW
    Minxy #1

  19. That post brought a smile to my face.
    I am not sure why I have not taken in your header before ....what an absolutly brilliant idea...cup candles.They look amazing and there are so many beautiful cups around that no one wants anymore.

  20. One should never, ever mention the T word on a crafty blog. That just depresses everybody and we wouldn't want mass depression in the crafting world now, would we?
    Sounds like a very interesting desk.
    Tertia 110

  21. Oh I can just picture it all! Thanks for the virtual tour, and for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! #15

  22. Aww sorry about the desk but I can picture it much to see and I bet it's tidy too!!!!

  23. Oh your cards that I'm imagining are beautiful. Hope you get your computer sorted so we can see the real thing soon.

  24. Oh gosh, I wish I'd read your post earlier when my brain was more awake! Imagination has definitely gone to sleep already :)

    Well done on your candy win, it's like Christmas again when it arrives isn't it?

  25. I've started giving all my receipts to OH - not sold anything yet - not even in stu-studio. He reckons I should start saving them though - the look of horror on his face as he see's how much crafty stash I try to sneak under the radar - and I'm not even as bad as the rest of you rabble :P I reckon it may be a wee while yet before I see any profit if I'm lucky enough to sell anything :P

  26. Great way to describe what's on your desk. Hope your lappy feels better soon. And congrats on your candy win!

    Thanks for the (imagination) peek! :D


  27. Good thing I have a vivid imagination cause I can see it all! Hope you get the lappy fixed soon. Candy sounds too sweet for words!

    Brenda 100

  28. Yep - me and Scruffy get the picture!!

  29. WOW what a nice stash of stuff you have described! Sounds like a fun place to play.

  30. A poorly laptop, I had one to recently, don't you miss them?? Hope you get it sorted soon. Great description I could picture your desk.

  31. Hope your laptop soon better, I'm a picture person!

  32. I shut my eyes too early then noticed I could not read the writing so opened them again and I was imaging all tidy and organisedd then you said stir vigiously and it all went into a swirl - hope you laptop is fixed soon ~ Nicky 24

  33. Thanks for the tour round the virtual desk, very interesting!

    Have a good week

    Alison (43) x