Monday, 17 January 2011

Blog Giveaway Win: Sweet Birds From Michelle Palmer

I was absolutely delighted to be the winner of a giveaway from the lovely Michelle Palmer.  Michelle's art is focused around the sweetest birds and beasts, illustrated as watercolours, or on fabric.  So imagine my delight when an envelope landed on my doormat last week...and my frustration when I couldn't blog it immediately because the laptop was unwell. 

I was already smiling when I opened the package...  And then I found this beautiful coaster!

"Be full of joy..."  Now if there's ever a fine resolution for a new year, I think this is it!  Michelle, thank you so much for the gorgeous bird coaster.  I have it propped up on my desk, and it makes me happy every time it catches my eye.  I am sure that the birds outside are calling and flirting with their painted kin.

Pop over to Michelle's and see her sweet Valentine's mice and giraffes.  And if drooling over these beauties isn't enough, you'll find her creations available at Etsy too (link via Michelle's blog above).


  1. Ooooh tis gorgeous! Am going to come creeping in in my best Fagin deep pocketed coat (seeing as you have the Gollum cloak) and pick a desky or twoooo.

  2. Sweet sweet coaster. I couldn't possibly use and get it spoiled if it were mine. Lucky lucky you.