Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW: Enlightening

I've been unnaturally quiet.  I had expected that a loss of mojo would involve a bit of a strop, slamming of doors and general unease as it left the building. As it turned out, mojo must have slunk quietly out of the back door, and sidled off down the back garden.  It seems to have returned slowly and quietly in the same way.  I'm glad to have it home.

How does your crafty mojo behave?


To celebrate the wanderer's return, I've treated it to some storage.  I love the pretty boxes, and if I fall out of love, they'll make a great base to alter.  I also found a very capacious shelf unit big enough for 12x12 paper on eBay; it was jaw-droppingly inexpensive AND only 3 miles away.  That's a deal...and my big paper stash is rehomed.

And this is my other big change this week.  Nope, not painting the ceiling, although that needs to happen.  Daylight bulbs.  Bringing crafting to the midnight hours without strange colour combinations and unexpected results (or no more than usual anyway...).

For more inspections of crafty desks, visit the Chief Desk Inspector Julia at the What's on Your Workspace Wednesday button to the left.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Playing Cards: Three of Air and Three of Earth

I've managed to get really behind on this challenge, but I have promised myself that I will catch up as I am really enjoying making these ATCs.  It's a great opportunity to try out new techniques.  To see more about the challenge, visit Rachel at the linky to the left.

First up today, the three of earth: Blossom

Promarkers and a calligraphy pen.  I've had a blonde moment, and forgotten to take a photo of the back, but it's all the same floral pattern as the front.

Second up: the three of air: Birds of the Air

Promarkers, ink and stickles for a bit of shimmer to the wings.

No stickles on the rear, and I've left a ragged detail on the bird.