Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW: Enlightening

I've been unnaturally quiet.  I had expected that a loss of mojo would involve a bit of a strop, slamming of doors and general unease as it left the building. As it turned out, mojo must have slunk quietly out of the back door, and sidled off down the back garden.  It seems to have returned slowly and quietly in the same way.  I'm glad to have it home.

How does your crafty mojo behave?


To celebrate the wanderer's return, I've treated it to some storage.  I love the pretty boxes, and if I fall out of love, they'll make a great base to alter.  I also found a very capacious shelf unit big enough for 12x12 paper on eBay; it was jaw-droppingly inexpensive AND only 3 miles away.  That's a deal...and my big paper stash is rehomed.

And this is my other big change this week.  Nope, not painting the ceiling, although that needs to happen.  Daylight bulbs.  Bringing crafting to the midnight hours without strange colour combinations and unexpected results (or no more than usual anyway...).

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  1. Oh Gosh...I thought you might have had the Sistine Chapel in mind. Glad your mojo is back and the light to do it in.

  2. Glad your mojo has returned mine does that now and again when it does i just seem to colour images in!
    Hopefully next week we shall see your bargain 12x12 paper storage .Love those boxes especially the butterfly one.Happy wednesday
    hugs judex 9

  3. my mojoj goes on holiday quite regularly , and comes home tail between its legs :(( I like the idea of treating it.. it might stay home!
    Happy woywwing!
    Jennie #6

  4. Love your new storage, lets see a picture of your bargain 12x12 paper storage ~ Nicky

  5. Your box is very pretty - we must have similar tastes!

    Hope you find your mojo soon!


  6. My Mojo or Miss Muse as I call her, has been giving me lots of trouble of late. I had to have a little talk with her. We'll see if it works.
    I like your pretty box for storage. :-) Happy WOYWW #19

  7. Hi ya
    oh very pretty box, my mojo takes leave quite often, more so in the summer,look forward to see ya bargin paper storage, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  8. My mojo is as mad as i am i think, it's there, it's not, we play hide and seek all the time, it's kinda like a mischievous child!!
    Loving your books and box.
    Happy Wednesday
    StaY InKy
    hugs Minxy #28

  9. Very pretty storage boxes. Mojo is a funny thing the more attention you give the more it plays up.

  10. I hope you'll have a double celebration today - Mojo Return and WOYWW #1 - well done! I love your business idea and hope it is going well for you. The latest alterings are lovely.

    Shirley #38

  11. Gorgeous box!! That ceiling looks big - good luck!

  12. Love the box! Love those daylight bulbs for crafting! My MoJo is a sneaky one...she slips around the corner with sideways glances and rolls those eyes as if to say "I'm leaving now, and I'm never coming back" I just wave goodbye like I don't have a care in the world and start making flowers. That gets her every time! She is the jealous type!

  13. Glad your Mojo found its way home. Mine goes off after I have been particularly abusive to it and volunteers to make this or that. It eventually returns but...Thanks for sharing. Vickie #52

  14. Sistine Chapel and Promarkers what a thought!A few birds and cherubs would look lovely on your ceiling. Praps you could get mojo to make a start for you.

  15. Awww I do hope you find your mojo soon not nice when you hit that blank wall.... Love the box totally stunning! Guess your desk's not like my desk today a total mess, hehe! Jo (53)xxx

  16. Glad the mojo is back loveing the idea of you painting the sistine chapel on your ceiling lol! Fab little box too hugs Rebekah 75 xx

  17. My mojo and me live in the same shell - and that's about it...and it does not understand the concept of sleep, housework, jobs or deadlines...but it's the only one I've got! Have fun soon.
    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sasa (sarah at 3)

  18. Glad to hear your mojo has returned ... so frustrating when it does a bunk, isn't it? Hope you'll share your bargain 12x12" storage soon. Oh and daylight bulbs, great idea!!

  19. Oh I know those weird late-at-night colour combinations that are quite alarming in the light of day. Great idea to change the light globes.
    Ros. (119)

  20. Awe the missing MoJo, glad yours is back.
    When mine goes its usually because I have to focus on something else and get it done before I can go to the fun stuff of creating.
    Mine is on its way to vacation while we rip and tear our way through a basement bedroom entire renovation...wall ceiling floor...Huge job

  21. When I lose my mojo I like to organize, that seems to help me find things that I haven't use and I get excited again about using those items. I was recently on a stamping hiatus for almost two years and found my mojo once again a few months ago. I hope your mojoi returns soon ;)

    Love those daylight lights, I've added those to my room and they are the greatest!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs, Jovi #141

  22. I'm with Jovi, when my mojo has taken time off I de-clutter, organise and clean up and somewhere in there I get distracted and start crafting again - almost without even noticing. Love your storage and have the right lighting is a boon - I wouldn't be without my desklamp now. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #74

  23. Yep, I tidy when my mojo goes walkabout! I agree with the daylight bulbs- I bought a daylight flourescent for my workroom. Shaz #148

  24. Glad to hear your mojo is making it's way back home, mine disappeared for awhile then came back this week as if she's been smelling the caffiene I can't sleep from ideas in my head but I haven't got enough hands!!! I'll get some rest again when she decides to lurk off again in a sulk lol. Hope to see the bargain storage and really loving the box it's gorgeous.

  25. I agree with you about the daylight bulbs, though in my new room I cannot find any that fit my new lights but I do have a daylight lamp on my desk which is invaluable. Love your box! I find if I cannot find my mojo then I go through my scrap box with the plan to clear it making cards - it sure comes back quickly then!! LOL!!

  26. Oooh that box is delicious! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ali #104

  27. Had the loss for a week hope this sun bring it back in full force. Like the storage box and your to find a bargain..

  28. Was just talking about daylight bulbs today to Craig. My stu-stu-studio needs some different light - but doubt I will find 8 foot daylight strip lights any time soon so on look out for a lamp. ;)

    My mojo pretty much does the same. Boogers off and slinks back whenever it feels like it. Flipping cheek. Glad yours is back :D

  29. I have a lamp - it's great but limited. We foolishly installed the trendy halogen spots in the ceiling and I just sit in my own shadow from them - hateful mistake, so to see your lovely lamp with daylight bulbs makes my heart race a bit! Mojo - all or nothing...and takes days at a time off. Hate that too...that's where the old blog hop is such a godsend!!

  30. Congrats on spot #1! Love the boxes... see, your muse just wanted some pretty new things! Mine just wants all my time, every day, then she's happy. Lol
    Happy WOYWW,

  31. Great storage for your muse!!! Good idea about the light... I just had one for my desk... Woo what a difference eh

  32. LOL, thought we would get a view of those new ebay shelves, instead it's the Gotta love those bulbs.

    Thanks for the the view and sharing, hugs Marjo#10

  33. Awesome "day-lights" there! :).. and guess eBay item still on its way well done on getting it.. whenever they have them on eBay here it is always on the other side of country or state such is life over here..
    Crafty mojo now I may be strange but I struggle with that term and you see it so often these days not just with craft. never heard of it before 2011, so I am way out of touch! but yes do lose my inspiration and then pull out ideas book I have so that helps heaps,i ve copied and pasted all great online ideas I see into Word docs and print them out and lo! a dynamo enough to shake me out of anything!...thanks for sharing - happy WOYWW!
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  34. Glad your mojo has returned cos I miss you card making.
    I'm having a really busy week but am quickly dropping by to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the chance to win the last of our weekly draws before the BIG one over in our blog shop. Pop over and join in the fun. Good luck.
    A x

  35. I know what you mean abaout those daylight bulbs - can't have them in my craft room unfortunately but we have them somewhere else and what a difference it made.
    Glad your mojo has slunk in - better than having a strop as she came in - mine is a bit like my star sign (pisces) - she swims both ways - ie comes and goes at will.
    ps you are right - no time for Betty's but there is always another time for that.

  36. You have done a fabulous job on those boxes. I love the idea of deep shelves. I need some too.
    It won't be long before you can browse the sales, I usually go to the charity shops (50p a book).
    Glad you liked my rabbit.

    Can't wait to see what you buy and how you alter your purchases.
    Take care!
    Sue xxxxxxx

  37. I'm glad your mojo's returned - I hate it when it goes missing - which in my case is quite often! I usually spend far too long browsing other blogs and it usually re-appears after a while!

    Your new storage boxes look fab! I love re-organising things in my craft room (just another excuse to put off the proper household chores!)

    Your lights look great too!

    Happy crafting - and keep that mojo nearby so it doesn't go AWOL again!!

  38. That mr. Mojo is a sneeky so and so. Glad he decided to return.
    Love those storage boxes!

  39. No wonder your mojo has returned with those lovely boxes to fill. Good lighting is vital. My latest buy is an Ottlite, which is brilliant, allowing me to match colours at any time, and is kind to my eyes too.

  40. Love those pretty box! Love the light fixture! I'm need to get those light bulb.

  41. thank you for sharing on WOYWW sorry I am late getting around this week x

  42. Great pics!

    Thank you for sharing. :)

    Want to know more about shrink plastic? Pop over to my blog to see shrink plastic tutorial.:)


  43. My mojo is like the little girl with a curl: when it's good, it's very very good and when it's bad it's terrible!

    Glad yours came back.

    cheers, rachel #70