Friday, 17 December 2010

A Knight of the Round Table and Mrs Prickles

At home today, I have taken advantage of being the only one in by laying the Christmas presents out to check which ones are still missing, presumed delayed by snow.  The tally of slow deliveries is mercifully small, comprising two Christmas presents for my mum, which can wait if necessary, and the Goddaughter's birthday present, which can't wait.  So Plan B may involve a visit to a Toy Emporium or two.  I shall gird my loins stoutly in preparation.

Having started on a travel journal, I have been playing with my Promarkers while waiting for bits to dry.  I found a lovely illustration of Lancelot and Guinevere.  Just need to work out what to do with it now.

And from the talented and speedy crochet hooks of my mum, meet Mrs Prickles...

I think I may have problems letting her go; she is so gorgeous.  And that eyelash wool for her spikes is lovely and soft.  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but she is with hog, and there will soon be a Baba Prickles to go alongside her.


  1. That is one hedgehog i'd love to cuddle! Talented mom! And that is one lovely picture of that famous couple....have fun deciding the next step... *smile*
    Thx for visiting me!

  2. Mrs Pickles hides her bump well :) She is gorgeous.

    I've got two definite late parcels - I knew they'd be late when I ordered them - and one late due to weather I think, am hoping it arrives in time. Luckily the one I realllly wanted to arrive for OH did so this morning. *phew*

    Thanks for your lovely comment earlier - am really looking forward to it, its fab to read of other people doing the same thing. I really can't wait to get down there and start clearing it out :D