Thursday, 16 December 2010

The One In Which The Chief Elf Corresponds With A Goddaughter

I heard yesterday via ElfMum that Goddaughter E was rather worried because the Chief Elf had not responded to her email.  After having logged into the Chief Elf's email addy each night for a number of days, I think I'd come to the conclusion that ElfMail was a step too far, and that the Chief Elf wouldn't be getting any mail.  Blushing to the tips of my elven ears, I quickly logged on to find...nothing.  Not even in spam.  So what else could a Chief Elf do but apologise.

Chief Elf wrote immediately, saying that he was so sorry and needed to be put on the naughty step.  But because he is so very old, if he gets on the naughty step now, he will need to stay there until after Christmas.  As he still has lots of Christmas jobs to do, please could he postpone the naughty step until the New Year?  And what did Goddaughter E want to ask him?

The lovely E responded, offering to send him back the naughty step which had arrived with Della and Bert (as they hadn't needed it much recently...I can only conclude that it had seen some action in the early days).  She had questions regarding the temperature inside igloos and the warmth of elves.  I am pleased to see that elfare was high on her list (sorry!).  The Chief Elf was appropriately reassuring (and accurate too, just in case!), also pointing out that elf skin is furrier that that of humans, which helps.

E wrote again this morning.  The volcano has arrived, but she isn't sure how it will help Della and Bert.  The Chief Elf has pointed out that they can see a volcano from their home igloo, and that this will remind them of home.  Hopefully it will be ignited tonight, and I can get a picture of it smoking before the dinosaur emerges from its belly.

I understand that Della and Bert had a long nap yesterday in the Godchildren's beds.  Now that they are nicely topped up with sleep, I can only imagine what mischief might be perpetrated, especially with an active volcano in the house.


  1. Gosh I'm on tender hooks fpr the next installment. Does this volcano only work once?

  2. Unfortunately, I think that, rather like myself, it's a OneOff. I just hope the billowing smoke doesn't create a domestic smoke alarm incident, or I will be less than popular...

    Just need the space food strawberries to arrive (not like I'm inpatient or anything), then I can send off a parcel of space food and space poems (entertainment on all the best sleighs).

    I hope little Sweet Cheeks is having fun too, although I guess he's a bit young to host elves yet?

  3. I wonder if I spy a Freudian slip above - "INpatient"?