Sunday, 26 September 2010

Selections from previous treasure hunts

First: meet Hermione.

I have no idea who she is really, but my mum started calling her Hermione, and the name has stuck.  She's close to lifesize, and has a plinth that stands a little over waist height.  I was tempted to age and weather her, but she's attractive and very serene in her plaster purity.

Then there's my little china stash.  I started picking out bone china cups and saucers to turn into teacup candles.  These ones are telling me that they'd like to be freesia scented.

While these are clearly destined to be lavender.  I really do love the signs of wear on the cups, as though they have graced many afternoon tea parties and shared many little scandals.  The varied shades of lilac are so pretty.

The lovely round pot to the right here is very capacious and is covered inside and out with a dusting of freckles.  I think this one will stay as it is.  The jug, which you can't see too well thanks to the use of my phone camera (sorry), is etched with deer and trees.  I think this would be perfect for a Christmas table, possibly full of twigs and pine cones.

Finally, this is part of a massive haul of silver plated items.  My husband went to collect them for me, and came back with a large bag out of which the treasures kept coming.  In total there were 28 items, including a large number of goblets and egg cups, all of which are destined for candles of varying size.  There are also some small bowls, which will be filled with stuffed velvet to make pincushions.  A child's carousel moneybox which plays the "Teddy Bears' Picnic" will stay as it is and there are six small frames which I will add to journals and storage boxes.  There is a tiny silver clock, which is currently sitting on my desk. 

 In the picture below, you can see a larger bowl  and also the beautiful collection of birds that were tucked down a the very bottom of the bag.  There is a heron, a pair of peacocks, lovebirds and some beautiful little songbirds that may be difficult to resist keeping.

You can see the small birds better here; they are about 3 inches tall and gorgeous.

Now, just the small matter of brewing up some candles to deal with the goblets and eggcups.


  1. Love the birds, good luck with the blog can't wait to see furniture re-dos those are always my favorite.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. And thank you for being the first to leave a comment here! I have been sanding and prepping for the past couple of days, and can't wait to get a brush in the paint.

  3. Oh how fun to meet another creative all the way across the globe !
    I've been perusing your lovely blog, and wanted to say hello.
    LoVe these little birds, I seem to have a fascination for birds myself.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment.

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