Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Inspiration for a grey day

Things that make me go mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  And they're all on the water. 

Firstly, the signpost for the coastal path just above Lynmouth in Devon.  I love the big sky in this. 

The bridge over the river at Lisbon.  It makes the strangest noise as the traffic passes over, somewhere between a rattle and a gong.  We'll be back next year.

Outside the Waterhuis an de Bierkant (the Waterhouse on the Beer Canal) in Ghent.  Ghent is possibly my favourite place in the whole world, and we'll be there again soon.  Don't worry - we have housesitters, so there's no harm in saying we're away.  Beautiful architecture, friendly people, cherry beer, chocolate, canals, rivers and coastline. 

The bridge over the ford at Barston, setting for many picnics, big discussions, Sunday paper reading and other such delights.  It's great to escape from the city and listen to the sheep, watch happy dogs bounding along the footpath, and spot the occasional and unexpected bit of resident wildlife.  At the next ford upstream, we've seen kingfishers and badgers.

Our back door.  The ship was a present from my previous neighbours, and I absolutely love it.

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