Sunday, 26 September 2010

I promised you treasures...

Welcome to this weekend's haul.

First up, a bear with a very large appetite...for small change.  He's wooden and very cute.  I haven't dared to try and open his back in case I can't get the coin compartment closed again.  I suspect that with encouragement and a nail file he could be persuaded to give up his cash from the front.  Plans: to leave him exactly as he is.

Two silver plate goblets.  Plans: to make into scented candles for a very Gothic table.

Cute/overly sweet hearts depending on your perspective.  Plans: decoupage in a dark, shady, possibly Steampunk manner.  And make a letter tray out of the box they came in.  Stamps, scraps and inks to the ready. 

A bathroom cabinet, ready for a shabby chic makeover in cream, and possibly a little silver or pewter rubbed at the edges.  This is a classic "good bones" item in slightly battered wood.  In front, there is one of a pair of white glass candleholders, which will be going white and silver for a Christmas table.  Behind this you can see a chunky glass vase which has a slight green tinge.  Plans for this one still to be identified.

It was very, very chilly out at the car boot sale this weekend.  So cold, in fact, that I came home and made porridge.  One stallholder looked at my (totally inappropriate) clothing and called me brave.  The word that came into my head was foolish.  There's just a month to go before this particular car boot shuts down for the winter.  At that stage, I can either choose to a) lie in a warm snuggly bed on a winter's morning or b) go to the very big and far less charming car boot sale an hour's drive away.  It's going to be a tough call.

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