Monday, 4 October 2010

Getting down to business

Much as I love my big ideas diary full of things to make and do, sometimes the former accountant in me needs to emerge.  And today has been one of those days.  I was feeling a bit out of control as I needed to sort out my end of month money, do my books and generally get on with business things for the new business.  So today I have:

  • checked bank balances and moved money around as needed
  • done September's accounts and balanced them, which makes me feel a teeny bit smug
  • sorted out all my receipts
  • fully costed out my new piece of kit (those three big boxes from Artisan), so I know what to charge for its output.  More on this when I am back from holiday and have done my first piece of work.
  • Moved a little bit closer to just maybe selling my first piece of furniture.  Photos have been sent to the potential buyers.
  • Done some research online to make better use of my camera.  I have big plans for photographic backgrounds while we are away, and I am still using only a percentage of the features of my camera.
I have also had more fun:
  • catching up on back issues of Craft Stamper magazine that I picked up at the Artisan show
  • practicing my calligraphy, which I am hoping to use on some projects.  My old diary is now full of quotes, poetry and lots of themes for projects.
  • visiting more workspaces at Stamping Ground.  I am getting more hopeful that I will have visited all of the WOYWW (What's On Your Workspace Wednesday) participants from last week before Wednesday rolls round again.  Phew!
Hope you've had a peaceful and productive Monday.

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