Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WOYWW: After the Craft Fair

Every Wednesday, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground hosts a tour of crafters' workspaces.  If, like me, you are insatiably curious about how other people work, then pop across to see more at What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.

Today's crafty snoop is what's left in the hall following Saturday's craft fair.  Because the fair was for gifts as well as crafts, I took along the pirate box, which isn't one of my makes.  It attracted a lot of interest, but didn't sell.  You can also see part of two painted mirrors in the bag behind.

To the left are my new stock boxes.  I went with three packed full and came back with two.  I didn't think I had sold that much in volume terms, so perhaps I just packed better on the way home.  I did load up at about 1am on Saturday morning before the fair, so I'm not sure that I was thinking too clearly at the time...  There was a lot of very unnecessary packing material.

Just before I packed I was much less concerned than I should have been about burning my fingers on the heat gun whilst making decoupaged candles with tissue paper.  The brain was very slow in receiving signals from my left hand.  *Calling brain.  Left hand is a bit warm.  Left hand now hot.  Left hand is burning and very pink.  Aarghh!  Move heat gun.*   You can see the culprit candle above looking sweet and innocent and peeping out of its holder.

Above is one of my decoupaged hearts.  It's made with little mosaic pieces of tissue all glued down and varnished.  I have also made some picture frames with the same technique.  The frames are much easier as there are no curved edges to smooth out.   Think I'll have a go at some more of these this week.


  1. Wow just been having a look at your craft fair pics....I love the little teacup candles what a fab idea!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time by your previous post, lots of lovely creations. Thanks for visiting me and yes I spend a lot of time gazing out the window! nnalorac.xx

  3. Really interesting reading your blog about your selling experiences. Congrats on completing your first craft with 24 hrs notice! Will be looking forward to your next decision.

  4. The candle is gorgeous in it's simple innocence!

    Maarit #96

  5. Your heart is gorgeous. (I'm referring to the decoupage one, but I'm sure your actual heart is too!) Thank you so much for visiting me and inspiring me for next year.

    cheers, rachel, #125

  6. I've always wondered about doing craft fairs. Sounds like tons of work to me as I'm quite lazy! :-) Ha! Love your heart, it's just beautiful!

  7. Thanks for the visit - I'll let you in on my secret as I can't post on my blog till after Christmas ;) The chess pieces were for a Twilight themed bracelet. I also made over one of those secret book boxes as a Twilight themed box for it. Was still frantically finishing it this weekend which was hard as the friend who it is for had come to stay for the weekend so everynight when she went to bed I was quickly dragging out the heat gun and glue and crackle accents. Finished just in time last night for her going home today! Phew!

    The bird candle does look very innocent indeed - no clues there to it's dastardly secret ;)

  8. gorgeous items

    be blessed
    from Angela #69