Saturday, 27 November 2010

A snowy Saturday - working by the fire

So the promised snow finally made it our way, but only a sprinkling.  This is the back garden this morning; I love the way that next door's conifers (to the right) are looking really Scandinavian today.  Incidentally, that large lump just right of centre in the foreground is my one and only attempt at topiary; a box made of box (yes, I'm sad like that).  

It was definitely a day for snuggling inside, so I felt really sorry for OH when he was scraping the car off at 10am, ready to spend the day working outside.  Brrrrrh!  Despite lots of layers, he still reckoned it was the coldest he'd ever been.  So I made sure there was a roaring fire ready for his return home; there's nothing quite like the smell of a wood fire filling the house, and the ability to stand in front of it warming your very cold nethers.  

While I was toasting my toes, I decided it was time to catch up on recording the projects I worked on for the craft fair.  I set up this book, as I'm pretty sure that I won't remember all the details of what to do and more importantly what not to do on the individual projects.  Incidentally, the locks and other embellishments are rub ons, and I will definitely use them on some storage boxes; they go on like a dream.  (The A4 book  - squared paper - is a bargainous Asda buy.)

So I've remembered to add things like:

  • time taken to melt candle wax over a low heat (20 minutes)
  • number of teacup candles that will fill (5 scant, 4 generous)
  • don't use a black melt pan, as all the colours will look more sludgy than you envisage
It's a bit of an anorak book, but I hope it will remind me of all the things that will otherwise fall out of my tiny brain when it comes to repeating any projects.  

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