Friday, 25 March 2011

Made with Mica

I spent a happy afternoon playing with the mica backgrounds I had put together.  I had decided that a little stamping would work well, so I inked up (fingernails are still very dodgy-looking) and here are the results:

Birds on the Estuary: Eight of the Water Suit - Playing Cards 2011

Blossoming: Three of Earth - Playing Cards 2011

I think this needs something else, but I'm not quite sure what yet.  I'll let it mull for a bit.  Perhaps a bit more dimension with the flowers???

A Page for my Travel Journal 2011
ready for my July holiday (paid the balance today, and am now all excited!)

First Draft of July 2011 Calendar Journal. 

I was feeling kinda retro by this stage, hence the life rings, bathing suits, bags, surfboards and cocktails.  It's not finished yet, but I'm quite amused by it so far, particularly as it's so not me...


  1. You have had fun.
    Birds on the estuary is my the watercolour paint beyond the outline.
    Sue xx

  2. Very arty looking - especially going over the lines!

    Have you ever used Glossy Accents or Anitas 3D Clear Gloss Finish? It's great for flower centres as while it's still wet you can drop glitter or fibres, or any small embellishments into it - it's a dimensional glue. (apologies if you already know about it) x

  3. Am so loving your next two playing cards. I am sooo behind with everything. Haven't forgotten about your storage um er thingy bobbie.(Staying ambiguous so you won't know what it is. Even I don't! Lol). Events over the past two months have completely blown my schedule outta the water. Will have it to you shortly.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Sherry - Good call on the Glossy Accents - I have heard of this but haven't tried it yet. I am thinking I might make some paper dimensional flowers to go on top of the flat layer.

    Mrs A - You've had plenty else on your plate. Hope you and The Doc are bearing up.

  5. *thud*

    S'cuse me that was I getting over the shock of your not having tried Glossy Accents! Oh do, DO! But don't buy one stupid bottle. They are addictive and they come in stoopid little bottles - they need to bring out a bigger size - seriously. I love just running them as drips down a page as they keep a nice 3D-ness to them unlike glue that dries flat.

    Love your playing - I'll have to look out for those paints when I go to Ally Pally.

    Love your retro page - you need a chubby fat woman ala the old seaside postcards - I'd send you a piccy of me in my swimsuit but I fear vomit would ruin the look of your page ;)

  6. I love Glossy Accents too and Carmen is right, the bottles are ridiculously small! Now I am very intrigued by this Mica paint. Is this a new Tim Holtz creation? I will be on the look out for it.
    Love your calendar draft! Looking good here. :-)