Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOYWW: A lost voice and a volcano

It's Wednesday.  It's Crackerjack!  Oops, wrong day (and much puzzlement to those of you not from the UK and not of a certain age).   So it must be What's on Your Workspace Wednesday.  For a good snoop at more crafty desks, head on over to the DeskMeister Supreme, Julia at Stamping Ground.  

First up, apologies to those of you whose desks I didn't reach last week.  The week before I swooped and snooped at everyone's space.  Then last week, I had the return of the foul pestilence (bronchitis followed by flu) and retired whimpering to lick my wounds and feel sorry for myself.  I reckon I'm on the mend, although I haven't got much voice (so perhaps I should SHOUT here just because I can...that's better).

You can see further evidence of the flu on today's desk.  I am now a connoisseur of the various Strepsils flavours (Blackcurrant Extra Strength are the current favourites, followed by Warm).   Also in shot is something much more exciting: next year's diary.  I have been looking to do some early bookings for next year's craft fairs, and the diary is starting to see some action.  

I'm a bit short on creative inspiration this week, so I've been trying to focus on the less exciting stuff like doing my accounts (*yawn*), tidying out my cupboards (*treasures*) and planning some projects.

In matters elven, the Elf Mum has suggested that I consider making the Elf School for sale next year.  So I have been thinking about what an Elf School pack could comprise, and how much parents might like to do for themselves with their children.  Elf Dad called yesterday and said that the kids were obsessed with the elves, so I'm glad the novelty isn't wearing off.

Today's post brought a gift for the godchildren from the elves.  As they are visiting from a country near the land of fire and ice, I thought that they might welcome a volcano to sit near their igloo.  The volcano apparently burbles and smokes for a couple of days and then produces a dinosaur.  As you do...  Let's hope that it keeps them entertained for a while.

This will be off to the House with the Big Climbing Frame soon.


  1. I think I must have missed your blog along the way somehow or other... I'm sure I would have remembered it... the name is so similar to mine! Sorry about your lurgy and loss of voice, I hope it returns soon. The volcano looks interesting!

  2. Just keep on licking those sweeties. Glad you are on the mend. The volcano looks very interesting. Will we see it in action!
    I'm in at #91 this week.

  3. Good luck with the volcano - love the warning "Do not swallow" - as if!!!!

  4. Twiglet - that's been giving me the giggles too. I wonder if steam would come out of my ears if I tried...

  5. How do you schedule so many craft fairs? Have you been doing them for awhile? I'd love to know. Here, it seems like I get invited to a couple of the smaller ones... and the biggest is hard to get into! I'd love any tips you could provide. Your friends will love the volcano.

    Terry (18)

  6. oooooh how cool is that volcano?! gosh I need one! glad you are on the mend xx

  7. Your garden sounds truly magical!
    Pigeons are the most attentive of parents. We watched over a period of several weeks a young pigeon, who we thought injured, being beautifully cared for by its parents. This is never normally seen as they don't fledge until fully grown and able to manage.

    My hat now goes off to pigeons, since then!
    Have fun
    Sue xx 70

  8. Hi Terry - cross posted this to your blog too.

    You were asking about how to get into craft fairs. I'm at a really early stage with this, and don't think I have much expertise. I managed to get my first stall by being ready to step in at the last minute for a cancellation. That has got me on the organiser's contact list, meaning that I will get early notification of her shows. I've also been talking to other organisers within a 50 mile radius, hoping to get onto their lists. Here in the UK, I've been using a website called Stallfinder, and I'll let you know how successful that turns out to be.


  9. Glad to hear all the Elves (big and small) are having such a great time. Volcano - children in school and I have helped make many of them, to bad we couldn't buy for a science project, ah but where would the learning have come into play. Hope the elves and kids have a great time with their new goody.

  10. I think Elves in school is what we need! Go big time! Get better soon. Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! #11

  11. Good luck with the volcano...strepsils sales must be good at the moment...wish I had shares
    Happy WOYWW
    Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

  12. Oh my kids would love that volcano. Hope you are on the mend soon and can give up those strepsils!
    Susan xxox #13
    PS Thanks for popping past my desk!

  13. Thanks for the peek! Looks like fun

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  14. Good luck with the volcano...and please dont swallow it :-)
    A x

  15. Sick but not losing sight of the humor of it all! Good job elfin goddess! I think we should hire you out to give us pointers on buying elfin gifts. Too much fun I'd say. Volcanoes that produce dinosaurs? Where is that toy made and what are they smokin? More importantly, where can I buy it???

  16. Glad to hear you're feeling better...just in time for the hectic holidays! Better hide the volcano or the elves might stir it from it's slumber! Have a nice week!
    thx for visiting me....

  17. I am hooked on Jakemans Throat & Chest Soothing Menthol Sweets (black packet) which you can get from Asda or Wilkinsons. Great to suck to stop the coughing and I have been at it for weeks now.
    Good luck with the volcano.

  18. I had something, once, can't remember what it was, but when you turned it bottom side up, it said, or had written in very bold type, 'do not turn upside down...' oops, too late! Luckily nothing happened, but I am still waiting! I've been on the blackcurrant sweeties, I don't think they do any good, but they taste nice.
    Glad you liked the freebie, I'm waaaaaay behind with my WOYWW blog hopping, I tend to forget where I've been! Or I know I've been, but did I comment? Volcano does look like fun...just approach with care! Have a lovely week end..


  19. Sorry to read about your voice. I don't have any idea what I would take if that happened to me. As for the flu, that doesn't sound good at all. I wish you luck with your craft fairs. I would love to find some in my area that don't cost an arm and a leg to enter. As for the volcano, I had a good laugh at it turning into a dinosaur. Now that I'd like to see.

  20. Glad the Strepsils did the trick and that you're on the mend.


  21. Hope your voice is coming back I know what that feels like I lost mine for two years! Glad the Elfs are having fun ~ Nicky 16

  22. Hope you are on the road to recovery. I had a little chuckle over your elves. I bet the children are going to love the volcano especially a dinosaur. Have fun. Good luck trying to get to the craft fairs. Hugs JO. xx **22**

  23. THanks for the peek, sorry you are not feeling 100% - don't worry Mr. Mojo will return and you will be happily crafting away!

  24. Crackerjack!

    Sorry you're not feeling good, but glad you're going to join me in making a pack of cards!

    Get well soon.
    cheers, rachel #40

  25. pretty diary, hope you are feeling much better today and can think of nice creative things again

    I remember Cracker Jack

  26. I can't claim to have burbled and spit for a cuple of days, but I did grunt and sweat and do you know, sometimes I think I did produce a dinosaur!!! Hope you're well on the mend now, and don't worry a bout your mojo - he's just pointing you in the direction you need to be. Am so happy about the elves becoming an obsession - top top score!