Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sweeter than Candy: Presents and Elf Rations

Courtesy of the talented Crafty Womble, I have won my first piece of blog candy.

It's a lovely accordion mini book which I shall be using to stash all my Christmas secrets.  I really want to have a go at making one of these, so it's great to see one close up.  However, I don't think I can do nearly such a good job as Crafty Womble; thank you so much - it's a beauty, as is the card that came with it.  Pop over to Crafty Womble's blog at the link above for much better pictures and very clear instructions.  That picture above was taken at about 2pm, showing that the shortest day can't be far away (if we get much less daylight, I shan't bother opening the curtains at all!).

In matters elven, I have received a delivery of space rations (freeze dried neapolitan ice cream) which will be on its way soon.  Such rations are, of course, commonplace for elves as they weigh very little on the sleigh.  What the godchildren may make of them is another matter.  If they don't like the ice cream, I shall be hoping for the leavings, as freeze-dried ice cream is a very fine thing indeed (and if you ask me, wasted on elves).


  1. Now that's a really ingenious mini book! You are lucky to have received such a beautiful piece of blog candy.

    Freeze dried ice cream? Really? How does one make it back into ice cream? I bet that is something Elves would like.

    Thanks for stopping by Art Walk Friday. :-)

  2. The thing with freeze dried ice cream is that it doesn't get reconstituted. So the texture is sort of crispy and crumbly and then turns creamy in your mouth. And of course, it's not cold, just room temperature. It shouldn't work, but somehow it does, for me at least. Maybe I'm going to have to procure some elf rations for myself.

  3. I'm LoVing the accordion mini book !
    What a clever idea, thank you for sharing !

  4. What an awesome accordion book. I've sure never seen one quite like that. Congrats on the win. As for Ice Cream, however it's prepared, it's still too cold to enjoy at my place (grin).

  5. isn't it delightful to win some blog candy! your win looks wonderful! congratulations!