Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Elf Parents Speak

We had some lovely news from the Elf Parents.

The gambling den went down very well.  Goddaughter E worked hard to win back all the chocolate coins from the elves.  Did you notice that the lovely Della had won more than her fair share of chocolate coins?  Atta Girl, Della!

On the morning following the snowball fight, Godson D was sitting on the sofa for half an hour looking around.  Every now and then there was a fresh outbreak of giggles when he looked again at the snowballs.

Goddaughter E has worked out that the elves are making mischief for two nights, and then have a night off.  So Elf Mum is planning to surprise her with some extra mischief this week.

I have some special elf treats on order, so there will be items sent to The House With The Big Climbing Frame soon.  I'll let you know what's being sent.  Two little hints: 1) fire and ice and 2) space.

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  1. Sounds intriguing. Am waiting with baited breath.