Thursday, 2 December 2010

The One In Which The Chief Elf Sees An Ideal Igloo

Task one at Elf School is complete.  The somewhat plain igloo has been completely remodelled, and a Christmas tree has appeared in its garden.

Despite hard work on the igloo, it appears that there was still elf mischief during the night.  I hear that there was a snowball fight in the living room, and that Stitch has been tied up in a sleeping bag.

I have just had a text to say that Della and Bert are at human school today. I hope that they worked off their mischief overnight...


  1. The igloo and the elves are so cute I want to pinch their cheeks and have a snowball fight with them. Thanks for sharing WOYWW. Hugs from Buffalo NY

  2. Ahhhh...just love elves....especially the ones that do your housework while you're sleeping.... I'll have to come back sometime and read all your recent posts....sounds wonderful.....
    Thx for dropping by. I finally came up with The Card, if you're curious...
    Have a nice elfen (?) day (oh, and i just remembered that my fav movie is "ELF".. hee hee)

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  4. Such elf tales. Keep them coming.

  5. Just to say that Crafty Womble & I thought we should remove the comment above to avoid spam. All's well.