Monday, 29 November 2010

Despatches from the Ministry of Elf

 This is a tale of two elves.

Bert on your left, and the lovely Della to the right.  The Chief Elf is sending them to stay with our godchildren to have some fun before Christmas.  They have packed their passports and sleigh driving licences, and their igloo is being sent to the house (although that may prove superfluous, considering the weather).  My mum has been a star and made Della her pretty skirt and necklace, and cut down their sleeping bags to proper elf size.

Here they are with their igloo.  One of their jobs will be to decorate the igloo during their visit.

I see Bert's already a little tired.  

They have plenty of things to learn and do during their visit.  They have a star chart to record all the things they have learned, including travelling in a human sleigh, feeding reindeer, making elf soup, and setting out a night light so Santa can tune his SPS (Santa Positioning System).  I hope that they will get to visit a human school too.

I am also expecting that they will get up to plenty of mischief.  I am ready to pay good money for the pictures, so I can share them with you.

Please excuse the feet above.  

The reindeer food (with added stardust sparkles) can also be eaten by humans.  (I've never had porridge with edible stars in it before, but I guess there's always a first time).

I have set up an email address for the Chief Elf, so I hope that my Elf impersonation skills are finely tuned when I get to hear from the godchildren.

If they have half as much fun with this as I've had putting it all together today, then I'll be delighted.

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  1. Oh I do hope the elves enjoy their stay and have loads of fun! Will be watching for their stories of adventure.