Friday, 1 April 2011

Crafty Selling Advice Resources

UK Handmade has a good post on preparing for your first craft fair.  Now that Spring is truly Sprung, this is a really useful reminder about what to take with you, how to display your items, stock levels, pricing and discounting and packaging.  Plus you get a good look at other people's stalls...much easier than when you're actually at a fair and busy.

Craftster also has some great advice in its Community Section.  Crafty Business Advice is where you'll find dos and don'ts based on good and bad experiences, lots of pictures of people's stalls and a whole message board section for etsy experiences.  And I do so love their headers...


  1. Hehehe sorry for that :-) What I should have asked for is huge shoe horns and lots of help to squeeze me into it :-) If you even imagined it a slight possibility it is obvious you have never seen me :-) I've lost a stone in weight but have to admit there are still many more to loose :-)
    A x

  2. Seeing a lot of talk about craft stalls at the moment on other blogs. Some saying they had trerrifc days and sold everything to those that didn't even cover their own costs. The concensus seems to be that the jewellery sector is well over subscribed which dosen't make good reading for those making these items. I think anyone doing a stall in this financial climate is a very brave person indeed. Pin money yes just don't give up the day job!!!