Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WOYWW: Journalling

WOYWW (or What's on  Your Workspace Wednesday) is a great chance to snoop at the desks of other crafters.  You can find this week's edition, courtesy of DeskMeister Extraordinaire Julia, at the WOYWW button to the left.

Postie braved his way through yet more snow to bring some work purchases.  I have two books on art journalling which look as though they will be very interesting on first skim.  One is focused on overcoming a fear of drawing; I think 2011 will be my year of picking up pen and pencil regularly, no matter how much I want to bury the results in the compost heap  The other book is about approaching business plans, strategies and the like by using art.  You can also see two sets of Promarkers to fill in the gaps in my collection.

And I thought you might like to shiver/gasp in wonder at the icicles outside our bathroom window.  This is the lower pane of the sash window, with a fine stalactite of an icicle.  I love the way that the water running down has created all those striations.

The pane above is full of a big cluster of icicles.  To give you an idea of scale, I doubt I could wrap my hand around the biggest icicle.  One thing is certain: anyone going to our coal shed or wood pile over the next couple of days needs to take the route that can't involve getting impaled by one of these these beauties.

Time for me to sign off and wish you all a fabulous time for Christmas.  Keep warm, be happy and thank you for visiting me in my first year of blogging.  It's been, as Smashy and Nicey might say, blogtastic.


  1. Sooooo love the photos of the icicles. Those are HUGE! But yes . . . be careful when walking near them.

    I'm #50 this week. Please stop by and take a look when you get a chance.

    Merry Christmas - take time to enjoy the season!

  2. LOVE the icicles....just watch you don't stand under them! Happy Christmas! Moira

  3. Great icicle pics. Its been really cold here but not an icicle in sight!! Have a merry Christmas and a crafty and healthy New Year!

  4. Great new stash! The icicle is huge, just don't walk under it.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Warm hugs

  5. Wow. Those icicles are positively lethal as well as beautiful. Your books sound fascinating. Pass them along when you have finished, I would give them a good home. They sound like books that I would love to browse.
    Have a good Christmas
    Sue xx 15

  6. Beautiful icicles, positively Narnian! Lovely new goodies too, nice early Christmas present!

    Brenda 45

  7. Oooh those books sound interesting - let us know how you get on with them.

    Love that bottom icicle pic - it's like an ice sculpture of a tropical tree :)

  8. Steer clear of those lethal weapons!! Great pics and your book looks interesting.
    Happy Christmas and a crafty New Year
    JoZarty x

  9. Burr, it's making me I agree with JoZart those do look like lethal weapons.
    Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  10. Well done on getting photos of those icicles. I forgot our were there and missed getting a photo, having opened the door to let our loopy dog back in out of the garden. She must be mad, and she is not going out again unless she is on a lead, having come back covered with huge snowballs stuck in her fur. It took ages to remove them and dry her off. Hope you get over your problem with drawing. I am just trying to get back to it after many years, and am just coming to grips with water colouring.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  11. Hi Bernie,
    Love your wintery photos and I also LOVE Mrs Prickles and her offspring in your previous post! You are too clever! Thanks for visiting.
    Happy WOYWW and Merry Christmas!
    Susan xxox #9

  12. Oooh what fabulous purchases! Those icicles are just mean!! Amazing to look at though.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Year to you too - and in the style of Smashy and Nicey - keep on blogging mate!

  13. Great pics! Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog. :)

    Do you know about my blog candy?

    Merry Christmas!


  14. What a nice postie, bringing you goodies just b4 christmas, great icicle pics.
    Wishing you Happy Christmas :D
    Minxy #4

  15. Wow cannot wait to see your drawings - love the icicles - Have a warm and happy Christmas ~ Nicky 52