Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hello - It's Been A While

And I'm finally back...

It's been a bit of a tough month, with bad & sad things happening to people we care about, but it's time for some onwards and upwards.  And I think Mrs A's monkey has paid me a visit to cheer me up!

So, on the work front, I think I've finally got a plan.  For someone who used to write most of a business plan for their workplace, I've been decidedly remiss in sorting out my own.  It falls into two parts: before and after holiday (first half of July).  Now that the tax office have sent me a tax return, I really must be a proper business and need to get on with it.

Before I go on holiday, I need to:

  • Help OH to move a lot of his stock of books from the kitchen to the dry cellar.  They are all sealed in plastic, so should be fine.  (And what fine exercise, up and down the cellar stairs...I can hardly wait.  Yes, you do hear a slight note of sarcasm there...)
  • Move the kitchen stuff off the counter, so I can use it for my craft out for future tales of the Big Beast.
  • Finish off a series of artwork for use with the Big Beast.  I have started, and it's not looking too bad.
  • Get a business account on eBay and on Etsy.
  • Finally decide on the business name and buy my webspace.
  • Get some help from a graphic designer for my logo.
  • Get some help from the lovely M to begin setting up my website.
  • Be a better Blogger and get into a regular posting cycle.
And now I've told you, you're going to hold me to this, eh?  No more slacking here!

It's been a big help being thoroughly spoiled this weekend by D & C, who cooked an amazing Sunday lunch (with eight of the five a day already covered by the delicious veg that accompanied it).  They introduced us to the lovely Sophie, their new 4 year old dachshund (two miniature Schnauzers already run the house).  I swear that Sophie can actually manage that rolleyes smiley.  What a dog!  And I hear she has already caused havoc with the cadets in the local park, interrupting drill practice with a lot of yapping and running in and out of the ranks, to the accompaniment of much teenage sniggering all round.  She'll fit in well, and she's clearly fallen on her small and delicate paws in that house.


  1. okay, I have noted your to do list! Go, Go Go Girl!

  2. I'm sorry your month has not been so good xxx

    At least the Monkey's on hand - Mrs A was wondering where he'd got to!!

    Good on you for making a list and good luck with getting it all done!

  3. So thats where he absconded to then. Feel bad that I have only just caught up with your blog. Will explain in an email to you.