Monday, 11 April 2011

An Alternative View of the Royal Wedding

We ended up playing hooky again today, and ventured out in the sun to Shipston on Stour, which is on the edge of the Cotswolds.  While putting together a picnic for consumption on the riverbank (ahh...the joys of self-employment), we noticed this fabulous window display at Taste of the Country.

This is all gingerbread.  Look at the great details on the Beefeater, and the carriage, plus the tin cans behind the car.  And the shop names really made me laugh: who's for Sarah's Pawnbrokers, and Philip's Curiosities (if you enlarge this, you can see the kimono in the shop window)?

Harry's bar looks as though it might be worth a visit, and just look at those bearskins on the guards. How shocking to see that the dress is no longer a secret!

If you are ever near Stratford-on-Avon, a visit to Taste of the Country comes highly recommended.  Don't leave without a piece of cheesecake.

We've spent quite a lot of the lovely weekend outside.  And for some of the time we were even working.  Here's heavy traffic on the canal on Saturday afternoon.

Plus a crowd of amorous ducks (the drakes very keen, the duck somewhat less so).  I would have shown you the very amorous Canada Geese, but I thought they required a little privacy...  You can't quite see it here, but the swans are nesting just to the left of the picture.  I have my fingers crossed for a successful hatching, and that they bring their brood over to show them off, as they have done in previous years.


Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Love the horses. Did someone mention cheese cake!! I'm first in the queue then. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Fabulous, thank you... and it's not far from me!Sue xx

  3. I was thinking that Kate's dress looks a bit wide!!! haha but lovely to be made of gingerbread. Thanks for posting the photos.