Sunday, 20 February 2011

Off to Craft, Hobby & Stitch International Show - NEC

Tomorrow, I'm off to CHSI , described as "Europe's largest trade show for the creative crafts industry".  There are more than 250 exhibitors, of which I have a short (hmm) list of around 50 I really want to visit.

There are times when I have to remind myself that I am building a business, and I need to get out there as a business to buy at trade prices.  Having said that, I intend to cuddle my plastic fairly close to my chest.  Tomorrow is about finding out what I can sensibly buy on trade terms (I'm never going to survive paying retail prices for the ingredients for my makes, no matter how green and car booty I am when it comes to sourcing raw materials.  The paint, glue, paper and all the rest of the bitsas needed for making are still a tad pricey.)  Let's consider it an exercise in gathering info (and just maybe a little spending if appropriate).

So it's time to reconnoitre the hallowed halls of the NEC.  I'll report back on what's doing...


  1. let me know how you get on, Im there on tuesday as it is quieter and I will be in my wheelchair!

  2. Will do... Shame it's a different day, or we could have stopped off for a cuppa.

  3. What an adventure! Really interested to hear how it goes and hope you are wearing comfy shoes! Thanks bunches for stopping by my blog and your kind comments!

  4. Yes, I'd be interested too. If it's worth a shot and there are real savings to be made maybe I can persuade Craig to have an overnighter up there next time... though how that would count as savings am not sure but it would be a break away as well eh? ;) two birds, one mallet and all that ;)

  5. Ooooh that skull is lush, did you not take Gollum? Tsk, never there when you need him!

    Glad it's worked out cheaper for you, the fashion show sounds fabulous - loved this post, I could almost have been there! Now stop holding out on the goodies! Show and tell!