Saturday, 12 February 2011

Getting Ready for Craft Fair #2

So craft fair #2 is a mere day away, and so far I have:
  • Unloaded and repacked all my stock that is ready to go, adding price stickers and updating my stock list
  • Found my silvery cake stand to display some of the items
  • Packed the contents of my craft drawers into a small bag and a little tool kit 
  • Found some vintage items to sell, and researched prices
  • Made some new items and updated some that weren't quite working

Here are the newbies.  Firstly some decoupaged hearts (some magnetic, one puffy and some ready to hang on the wall).  I'd like to think of them as being funky Valentines.

And while I was in the groove, some matching pencil boxes.

And finally, I've updated the silk paper journals with some pretty jewelled butterflies.  For their intended audience, I hope that's an improvement.

Jobs left to do:

  • Pack the jewellery I'm taking to sell, as this is not exclusively a craft fair.
  • Make up the cash float.
  • Wrap OH's birthday prezzie.  Bless his heart, he's coming to help at the fair on his birthday.
  • Eat.  Body and soul  aren't as together as they once were.
  • Once the varnish has dried, pack the new makes
  • Pile everything up ready to go in the hall
  • Check directions for the venue
  • Zzzzzzzz.  Lots.

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  1. All looking ship shape and fabulous! Hope you do well! Happy Birthday to hubby :)