Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mr Laptop is unwell

Apparently he has a corrupt registry (which I guess can happen to any of us).  I'm awaiting advice from a friend who has infinitely more chance than me of knowing how to fix it.  Failing that, Mr Lappy will be on his way to the lovely IT guy for further TLC.  Mr L is getting a bit demanding; it's not long ago that the bank's "security software" *issues hollow laugh* gave him such indigestion that he had to be purged for three days.

I'm borrowing a laptop for now, but sadly this may be a picture-free zone until Mr L has received surgery.  It may also be a bad spelling zone until I get the hang of a different keyboard.


  1. Dear Mr Lappy hope you get better soon. I had gall bladder problems last year. (All my ball bearings wore out) The nice Dr IT man came and took my insides (Hard drive)out and re programed me onto a new disc. He gave me some chips to aid my memory loss too.Now I know everything!I tell you I feel 10yrs younger and can give those young uns a run for their money. I'm sure you'll be up and running in no time.

  2. Ouch, Mrs A - that hard drive replacement sounds painful! I do think I need to pinch one of those chips for Mr L...